Partnership/twinning programs in Africa

Year Project
2008-06 Second World Championship in Cooperation,Kampala Uganda 2-6 June
2008-04 Prep for partnership/twinning Sweden-Kenya: Värmdö-Homa Bay 23/4-1/5
2008-03 Prep for partnership/twinning Sweden-Uganda: Kalix-Kampala, Skellefteå-Jinja, Vimmerby-Mukono, Robertsfors-Busia 1- 10 March

2002 – Protocol of cooperation between LVRLAC and Globetree
A Protocol of Cooperation between Lake Victoria Region Local Authorities Cooperation (LVRLAC), and the Globetree was signed in August to addressing common concerns like the promoting children and youth networking in the Lake Victoria and Baltic Sea Region, encouraging and promoting dialogue between Children and Decision makers to ensure that children’s voice and ideas are listened to and cared for. The Cooperation is within the framework of the Millennium Development Goals, The Rights of the Child and a response to the Children’s Declaration at the Children’s Meeting Place at the United Nations, Nairobi.

2003 -2006
Twinning between municipalities in preparation for the first World Championship in cooperation (WorldCiC) in Stockholm, June 2006
Background - See menu Study Tours
2003 – April; First Prep Roots Meeting
2003 – May; LV-Children and Youth Network to Sweden
2003 – November Second Prep Roots Meeting
2004 – November International Roots Meeting and the Way Forward
2005 – December, Nairobi/Lake Victoria Study Tour

Twinning between municipalities in preparation of the 2nd WorldCiC in Kampala, June 2008

Background – See Study Tours
2006 - November, Nairobi/Kampala Study Tour
2007 - February, UNEP Conference Globalization
2004 April – Study-tour in Sweden with Mayor of Busia and Mukono, Uganda, two teachers and a pupil from Kenya
2007 May - Study tour in Sweden with Uganda, Kenya and Malaysians.
Preparation for World CIC and Partnership

2007 August – Globetree follow-up
In the first two weeks of August the President of the Globetree, Ms. Kajsa Dahlström made a follow-up trip to Kenya and Uganda. During this trip the Office of the Permanent Secretary of the Kenyan Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) in principle endorsed the establishment of the Children's Village Project and promised to assist in providing access to land in Kenya. Participants in the meeting were Director of Administration, Mrs. Emily Gatuguta, the Director of the Department of Probation Services and After Care and his colleagues, Director of the Department of Children's Services, the Chief Finance Officer and his colleagues and Mrs. Mercy Musomi of the Girl Child Network. Other meetings were held with H.W. Deputy Mayor of Kampala and Head of Education in both Kampala and Entebbe together with Head Teachers, NGO’s and others who are in the Committee for the WorldCiC 08.
In Nairobi meetings were held with the Globetree partners in the Pillars of Hope.

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